Family matters have become increasingly complex when they are intertwined with properties and involve with legally protected rights and obligations of each family member against one another.
The need to meet document and application requirements could be a frustrating experience in the absence of a reliable service. Our Nitei Niron Notary Public offers a premier “clients first” service in certifying and authenticating documents to assist our clients on a timely and hassle-free manner.
As dictated by the Civil Code, wills made and authenticated by a notary public do not require court enforcement. Other types of will do.
Acquiring property in Cambodia is very challenging when it comes to assessing risks and what to do. Our notaries understand both legal and practical aspects of property regime and will be able to provide a very personalized advice and assistance that best fit our clients’ needs.
Advice on understanding your employment rights, what in-work benefits you might be entitled to and how to handle redundancy. Help with making a plan, benefits you can claim, and your legal rights.
Whether you're thinking about saving into a pension for the first time or making decisions for retirement, this section provides useful information and tools to help you make the most of your money.
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