Established by Sub-Decree No. 33 dated 12th March 2015, Nitei Niron Notary Public (N&N Notary Public) is one among the first few notaries public in Cambodia, licensed to provide legal and notarial services within the entire country, mainly focusing on matters related to property, family, succession, commercial, and investment laws.

Our Nitei Niron Notary Public comprises of notaries graduated from reputable universities abroad and having a strong local insight and long-term experience working with international firms, foreign clients, prominent local businesses and government agencies.

Our key practice areas include:

  • property, sale/purchase, conveyance, concession, lease, property development, construction permit;
  • family, succession, will/testament, adoption, matrimonial property, prenuptial agreement;
  • secured transactions, secured financing, and security over movable and immovable;
  • corporate matters, company formation, corporate secretarial services, company closure;
  • investment and qualified investment project;
  • due diligence and merger & acquisition;
  • labour and immigration;
  • telecommunications

Nitei Niron Notary Public has been licensed to perform the following services:

  • Compose contracts, agreements, and other legal instruments, and affix notarial seal to authenticate such documents by certifying execution of the parties;
  • Provide legal advice and consultation on matters relating to family, movable property, immovable property, commercial and investment laws;
  • Make certified copies of documents;
  • Compose wills/testaments and other authentic deeds according to the Civil Code, the Law on Implementation of Civil Code, and other applicable codes, laws, and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia; and
  • Perform other acts within the scope of notary profession according to the applicable laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia
What is Notary Public?

We are dedicated to fulfilling our roles as provided under the laws. You may learn more about the roles of notary public in Cambodia by clicking here.

Notarization and Authentication

The need to meet document and application requirements could be a frustrating experience in the absence of a reliable service. Our Nitei Niron Notary Public offers a premier “clients first” service in certifying and authenticating documents to assist our clients on a timely and hassle-free manner.

Real Estate

Acquiring property in Cambodia is very challenging when it comes to assessing risks and what to do. Our notaries understand both legal and practical aspects of property regime and will be able to provide a very personalized advice and assistance that best fit our clients’ needs.


Our client’s desire to do business in Cambodia could be better realized with supports of experienced local advisors. Our notaries handle extensive corporate matters ranging from company set-up, corporate due diligence, corporate changes, joint venture, investment projects etc.


Family matters have become increasingly complex when they are intertwined with properties and involve with legally protected rights and obligations of each family member against one another. Having competent advisors to assist is a key in dealing with such matters. Our notaries are experienced lawyers who keep abreast of the legal developments and have handled numerous family legal matters such as adoption, prenuptial arrangement, matrimonial property, divorce, and succession.


As dictated by the Civil Code, wills made and authenticated by a notary public do not require court enforcement. Other types of will do. At Nitei Niron Notary Public, our clients will be able to make well-informed decisions on how to allocate property to successors in compliance with the legal requirements and procedures while best serving their intention and protecting their interest. Please find further information through our Guideline for Will Making

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance is one of the fastest growing sectors in Cambodia, with the National Bank of Cambodia being the supervisory and licensing authorities over banking and financial institutions within the Kingdom. Our notaries, who are long-term legal advisors keeping abreast of the banking laws, have experience working with and advising major international and national lenders and financial companies on loan transactions, secured and unsecured financing, facility/loan and security documents, due diligence, escrow, personal and corporate guarantees, and licensing and regulatory compliance.